We are a niche publisher of the cello duets music and audio CDs of cello duet works by Jacques Offenbach. 

Seven CDs are currently available, through www.CDBaby.com; and one music book, so far, which corresponds to the music recorded on CD-1 ("The Gift of Melody").  The book is available directly from the publisher, by inquiry from this web page through the "Contact" section.  Please leave us a comment indicating your interest in acquiring a copy (or copies) of the music book. Use the Link Button on the Home Page for purchasing CD-6; or contact CDbaby for the newest CD:  CD-7, called "Lagniappe!"

We are delighted for cello students and enthusiasts of all ages to engage in playing and hearing this music.  Enjoy!:


CD-1  "The Gift of Melody"  contains Op. 49, #1-6; and Op. 50, #1-3 (HMP#101)

CD-2 "The Perfect Gift" contains Op. 50, #4-6; and Op. 51, #1-3 (HMP#102)

CD-3 "The Master's Gift" contains Op. 52, #1-3; and the cello Sextet (HMP#103)

CD-4 "The Artist's Gift" contains Op. 21; and the solo Melodies de Anna Bolena, para Donizetti (HMP#104)

CD-5 "The Present" contains Op. 53; released  1/2/2013  (HMP#105)

CD-6 "The Gift-Wrapping!" contains Opus 54 (#1-3); released 5/15/2016 (HMP#106)

CD-7 "Lagniappe!" contains Opus 19 & 20; released 1/20/2017 (HMP#107)


Music Book 1 contains the duets corresponding to CD-1, published 11-21-2011 (HMP#201)

Music Book 2 corresponds to CD-2, and is currently in process of being published (HMP#202).